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Диджейски пулт + Оригиналната Игра DJ Hero (PS3)


Добро техническо и външно състояние на Диджейският пулт
Начин на свързване: Безжично - чрез приемник който се свързва към усб порта на ПС3 конзолата
Съдържание на комплекта:
- Безжичен Диджейски пулт
- Оригиналната Игра DJ Hero (PS3)

  • Код: 00645
  • Тегло: 1.000 кг
Цена: 50.00лв.
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Product description:
IncludesDJ Hero delivers an all-new interactive music experience that allows players to rule the party and not only experience, but to hear music in an all-new way. With over 100 individual songs, highlighted in over 80 unique never-before-released mixes that blend genres of music, including hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock and electronica, DJ Hero delivers the most diverse and international collection of music ever assembled in a music game by incorporating anthems from legendary artists.Created exclusively for DJ Hero, the turntable controller immerses fans into the authenticity of DJ culture and a sea of music as they utilise and master various DJ techniques including scratching, blending, cross fading and sampling, while leaving room for creative expression with a variety of effects and player chosen samples and scratches, transforming a face in the crowd into the life of the party.
The gameplay is still similar to Guitar Hero, as notes travel around the on-screen turntable and you have to hold down the three "stream" buttons on the controller at the right time to keep the mix going. For advanced players there's also an effects dial, crossfader and the score boosting "Euphoria" button.
Created with input from top professional DJs and with the biggest range of bands and music styles of any game to date this has something to please every music fan. Whether you know how to DJ in real life or not this is now the ultimate party game.
Key Features:
Music Hero - From the makers of Guitar Hero comes the definitive turntable game, with its own custom controller and input from the best DJs in the business.
All-inclusive - Massive range of music styles, from grunge to hip hop. Including bands ranging from 50 Cent to Beck, Blondie, Motorhead and more.
Mix masters - More than 80 individual songs created from over 100 different master recordings and mixed by the likes of DJ Shadow, DJ AM and Daft Punk.
DJ vs. Guitar - Massive range of game modes including competitive and co-operative multiplayer and even ten special songs compatible with a guitar controller.
Emotion controller - Unique turntable controller lets you flip between and scratch records, add samples and effects and use a crossfader.


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