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Таблети , Смартфони , Електронни Четци Таблети , Смартфони , Електронни Четци

Таблети , Смартфони , Електронни Четци

Табличен вид


Монопод (Monopod) за професионални Селфи (Selfie) снимки - Безжичен

Безжична тeлeскопична пръчка или cелфи стик за тeлефoни
Нов и лесен начин  да правите снимки на Вас и на Вашите приятели  от разстояние.Лесно монтиране и демонтиране на телефона

• Универсален винт за камери и цифрови фотоапарати
• Съвместимост: Android 3.0 , iOS 5.0
• Можете да правите снимки от 23 см до 105 см
• Максимално тегло което издържа Тeлeскопичната пръчка е 0.500 гр.
• Капацитет на батерията: 45 mAH
• Захранване: 5V 
• Време за зареждане на батерията: 1 час
• Изработен от метал
• Тегло: 169 гр
• Опаковка: картонена

Цена: 20.00лв.

Мини безжична клавиатура за Смарт Телевизор, Таблет, Смартфон

Универсална мини безжична клавиатура с Touchpad.

Клавиатурата може да се използва към:
- Smart TV
- Смартфон
- Таблет
- PC
Размери: 146.8 x 97.5 x 19mm
Тегло: 110гр.
Обхват: 10 метра
Батерия: Презареждаема
Цена: 24.00лв.

iPhone4 - App Gear Elite Command-AR Game


As Earth nears total destruction by alien forces, an elite space commander is tasked for a last-ditch mission to save the planet—and that commander is you. 
Wearing a cybernetically enhanced suit equipped with human and alien technology, you must reach the invaders’ home planet and take out their heavily guarded core reactor to end the war. Fight off waves of enemies before a final showdown with the alien boss.
Turn your world into a digital battlefield! Use the included AR markers to take out alien invaders sneaking into your world through a portal from another dimension or accept a risky mission to fight for the survival of the planet. 
Controls use a first-person viewpoint with pan and tilt function. Aim the pistol and pull its trigger to shoot enemies and targets in the game. Use secondary pistol buttons to raise your shield, change weapons, select special weapons and reload. 
Campaign: Undertake a dangerous intergalactic mission to save Earth.
Training: Hone your skills on the shooting range.
AR Battle: Battle digital enemies invading your living room or office.
Need help completing the campaign? Battle with your friend in 2-player co-op mode.
Earn points to buy or upgrade guns and special weapons.
iOS and Android smart phones with rear-facing camera
iPhone 4; iPod touch 4th generation 
Google Android 2.3.3, 1GHz processor, 512MB, with back-facing camera, accelerometer, gyro. Note: Phones must support iPhone-compatible headphones with built-in microphone, device width 83mm or smaller, unless otherwise specified on the support site www.appgear.com/devices
1 Pistol, 1 Detachable smart device holder, 2 AR markers, and 1 User manual
Свалете играта : Elite CommandAR for iOS: Click Here
Свалете играта:  Elite CommandAR for Android: Click Here
Цена: 40.00лв.

iPhone4 - AppBlaster Gun

Product Features:

  • AppBlaster gun with dock adapters for the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Gen.
  • Download the free App ‘apptoyz alien attack’(available free on iTunes).
  • Augmented reality overlays the game against your environment.
  • A new genre in gaming.
  • Players need to physically move to locate the aliens.
  • Utilizes the iPhone/iPod accelerometer.
  • Dual triggers fire bullets, laser beams and grenades.
  • Multiple levels, guns and aliens.
  • Light and portable.
  • Measures 44cm x 17cm x 3cm approx.

Technical Specification:

  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch (4th Gen)
  • Smart conductive trigger mechanism.
  • No batteries required.
  • Does not come with iPhone, obviously…

Product Contents:

  • AppBlaster gun , Цвят основен :Бял ,Цвят на приклада и спусъка: Черен
  • Shoulder Stock iPhone and iPod touch mounts

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Цена: 50.00лв.
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