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Карти за игра Piatnik - Ukraine - Единично тесте с 36 карти


Комплекта карти за игра | Ukraine - Украйна | са произведени от известната в цял свят Австрийска компания Piatnik Co. 

Карти гральні "Українські" 36 листа.
• Атрактивна историческа картинка на картите с образите и лицата на Украинските владетели и популярни персонажи от тяхната история
• Подходящи за Бридж, Покер, Белот, Вист, Канаста и още много други игри. 
• Качество и красота, отговарящи на компанията " Piatnik Co."
• Комплектът съдържа Едно тесте с 33 карти за игра + три джокера (1 x 36 бр. карти)
• Стандартен размер карти за игра (58 х 89 мм.)
• Удобна кутийка за съхранение на картите
• Производител: Piatnik Co. Austria

  • Код: 001238
  • Производител: Piatnik Co.
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена: 12.00лв.
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PIATNIK - Quality from Vienna
When speaking about Playing Cards in Austria or anywhere else in the world, PIATNIK inevitably comes to mind. The Piatnik factory was established in 1824 and is a recognised symbol of Vienna which along with its many cafes is a city of card players and board gamers. 

Both the production methods and the assortment have changed significantly In the 185 year history of the company.
An annual output of 25 million Playing cards, 1 million Board Games and 1 million Jigsaw Puzzles is proof that traditional games have lost none of their appeal. As ever Playing cards remain the central product category and PIATNIK offers the largest selection of standard and luxury Playing Card items worldwide. 

In the interest of product diversity and quality, PIATNIK constantly pursues technical advancement and innovation in the production and processing of its wide range.
PIATNIK is known all over the world. In fact, “PIATNIK trumps”, as the saying goes.
Responsible Enterprise

The Viennese Playing card factory dutifully subscribes to the generation old custom of card manufacturing.

This means we unite traditional know-how with modern technology and high grade raw materials. Both the most modern electronic printing machinery as well as manually operated printers are deployed depending on the product. Highly motivated, carefully trained staff remain faithful to their historic trade and create class European products.

Ecological balance and efficient use of resources benefits the environment.
True to this axiom , only sustainable raw materials flow into the production process. We only use high grade paper, carton and special carton. The selection of our raw materials is governed by the strictest quality criteria. At the same time we favour the processing of paper emanating from sustainable foresting which is processed with the use of renewable fuels. 
The inks and the varnishes employed for the finishing are scrub resistant and biodegradable.

 Our staff form our greatest asset and provide the biggest contribution to the factory’s success. Many employees have more than 30 year’s experience, that results in the consistency of quality so pivotal for success.
“May games provide us with joy and relaxation”- Thomas v. Acquin once remarked.

 Playing is a key pastime of humanity. Playing touches the roots of human essence, playful learning is most effective and accompanies us from childhood onwards. Card games, board games, and role games confront us with the social skills of fairness, team spirit and dealing with victory and defeat.

 We remain true to the original mission of our founding fathers: To produce Playing Cards and games that provide joy and create an incentive to communicate. It is our central goal to communicate the joy of play to millions of people.


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