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iPhone4 - AppBlaster Gun


Product Features:

  • AppBlaster gun with dock adapters for the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Gen.
  • Download the free App ‘apptoyz alien attack’(available free on iTunes).
  • Augmented reality overlays the game against your environment.
  • A new genre in gaming.
  • Players need to physically move to locate the aliens.
  • Utilizes the iPhone/iPod accelerometer.
  • Dual triggers fire bullets, laser beams and grenades.
  • Multiple levels, guns and aliens.
  • Light and portable.
  • Measures 44cm x 17cm x 3cm approx.

Technical Specification:

  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch (4th Gen)
  • Smart conductive trigger mechanism.
  • No batteries required.
  • Does not come with iPhone, obviously…

Product Contents:

  • AppBlaster gun , Цвят основен :Бял ,Цвят на приклада и спусъка: Черен
  • Shoulder Stock iPhone and iPod touch mounts

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  • Код: 00861
  • Тегло: 0.400 кг
Цена: 50.00лв.
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•  Are you ready to take first person shooters to whole new level?  If so, grab hold of the assault rifle styled AppBlaster Gun and with its twin triggers and utilization of the accelerometer of your iPhone/iPod touch, first person shooting will never be the same.  Download the free Alien Attack Game from iTunes onto your Apple device and then lock it into place on the AppBlaster Gun.  “Say hello to my little friend” has never been so scary since Al Pacino himself muttered those words some 28 years ago.

•  The AppBlaster Gun works with the accelerometer on your iPhone or iPod touch; so the game rotates and moves as you do, giving you the opportunity to feel like your are part of the action.  As you move through your house or yard, the AppBlaster augments that reality overlaying the game against your environment as seen through your Apple device.  Basically you see Aliens attacking you on your own turf and with the use of the Apple device accelerometer, you need to move the gun into position and fire.  Firing is one of the coolest features too.  Two little fingers tap your Apple device touch screen every time you pull the trigger making sure none of those little Aliens get away.  It’s up to you to take them all down!


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