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Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (PS3)


PUBLISHER: Activision

  • Код: 001135
  • Производител: SONY
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена: 28.00лв.
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Generator Rex: Agent of Providence is, of course, a tie-in to the Generator Rex series on Cartoon Network. Rex is a mouthy (but in a cool way) teenager who is able to use the power form Nanites to turn himself into a variety of gratuitously large and shiny weapons that will make your 6-10 squeal with glee. When the game begins, Rex is spending some quality time with a particularly nasty EVO in sunny Mexico. EVO stands for “Exponenetially Variegated Organism”, and it refers to an organism that has been infected by the large amounts of nanites that were released into the atmosphere years ago. Rex himself is an EVO, but it hasn’t affected him in the same way as most, and he is able to use the nanites in his body to fight all the other hideously mutated and/or furiously rampaging EVO’s.
Anyway, you’re Rex, and you’re in Mexico fighting a particularly nasty EVO when you discover a glowing blue chip that just happens to be part of a blueprint. The person who holds all of the pieces of the blueprint will be able to build an Omega One nanite, and apparently that sort of information could be catastrophic in the wrong hands. Isn’t that always the way? Of course, there is a mega bad dude waiting in the wings for just such a development, and in this particular story, his name is Van Kleiss. It is your job to stop Van Kleiss from collecting all the pieces of the blueprint, save your loved ones from his diabolical plans, and of course….save the world as we know it from complete and utter destruction.
There is, of course, a catch. While Rex generally has all kinds of sweet weapons at his disposal at all times, something happened in Mexico that caused some of his builds to malfunction. As you work your way around the world in search of blueprints fragments, you’ll also need to work on regaining all of your abilities. As you fights EVO’s, you’ll collect nanites from each of the defeated ones that you can use sort of like currency to upgrade your weapons, your special builds, and Rex himself. The upgrade menu can be accessed at any time with the select button, so even if you remember you should have upgraded right in the middle of an intense battle, you can just check out and take care of business.
Rex has three standard weapons – a sword, smash hands, and a big ole gun. You can switch back and forth between these by pressing the directional button that corresponds to them (for instance, “up” is the gun).  While you are supposed to be able to “quickly switch Rex’s upgradeable nanite-based abilities in the heat of combat”, you will find rather quickly that there is a bit of a delay each time you switch, which can be a real disadvantage if you are surrounded by EVO’s. You will have to switch often though, as different enemies respond to different attacks, so you just need to develop strategies that will allow for this. In addition, the boss battles are also quite challenging for a children’s game, and might require several play throughs even for skilled mini gamers. Not all that difficult for an adult, but remember – this is a kids’ game, so worth considering if you are thinking of buying this for a young child. The game does save quite frequently though, so when they are sent back in defeat, they usually aren’t sent back very far.


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