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Bakugan: Battle Brawlers (PS3)


Published by: Activision
Developed by: Now Production
Genre: Battle
Release Date:: October 20, 2010

  • Код: 00634
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена: 35.00лв.
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In between the game matches that involve tournaments and park battles which are similar to the arcade mode, the player gets the chance to purchase a Bakugan, enhance it, or perhaps buy a G-Power card and control the decks for the next fight which is yet to come. This kind of set up is operational despite the restricted number of Bakugan to buy since this set up will repeat across the 6 various types of Bakugan which are also known as Attributes. Based on what type of cards is being played and which battlefield you are located, a certain Bakugan type can offer more bonuses compared to another type.

With respect to the game, there are some liberties that are taken into consideration along with the game rule to come up with an exciting game. Once you have thrown your Bakugan inside the field for playing, the other players will try to take the Bakugan off the course while the player is maneuvering the creature in the field for pick-ups so that your Bakugan will grow stronger for the existing game match. When you are done with it, you can now utilize one of the 3 Ability cards which you have selected beforehand in order to further advance the G-Power of your Bakugan.

Afterwards, you will play a minigame from among the three to further increase the G-Power. These minigames consist of a timing/rhythm game, shooting game and another game wherein you provide shudder to the Dual Shock 3 with swiftness to level up your G-Power. All the elements of a good game are present as well as the four-player support even if the set up is simple and is not online.

Overall, the rating of Bakugan is at moderate level. With respect to the presentation, the story is unpleasant as anticipated, yet, the cutscenes are reasonably well-done. Even if the art style is managed suitably, it is still not the most appealing game ever. The sound quality is fitting but the overall effects are very redundant. With regards to the gameplay, there are way too many options as well as minigames which are supposedly fine if the strategy is heavy. Although, Bakugan’s story will not take forever to play, it is very lengthy. Though the gameplay mechanic offers excessive build-up in every fight, these will only serve as distractions for Bakugan aficionados.


Enter the following codes as your name to for the desired effect:

  • 1,000 BP - 33204429
  • 5,000 BP - 42348294
  • 10,000 BP - 46836478
  • 100,000 BP - 18499753
  • 500,000 BP - 26037947
  • Bronze Warius - 44982493


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