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Angry Birds: Star Wars (PS3)


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  • Код: 00970
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена: 25.00лв.
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Title:           Angry Birds: Star Wars
Publisher:            Activision
Developer:           Rovio Entertainment
Genre:                   Arcade, Party
Tags:                     Animals, Sci-Fi, Film Franchise
Players:                4
Use the birds, Luke
A long time ago (well, 2009), in a galaxy far, far away (Finland), an unassuming development studio named Rovio Entertainment gave birth to a mobile gaming franchise which would ultimately take over the world. Three years later and still going strong, Angry Birds and the beloved Star Wars empire would join forces to create a super-game, taking on the Dark Side and fundamentally challenging the very existence of console gaming. That was, until it was released on the PlayStation 3 a year later in the form of Angry Birds: Star Wars, which really wasn't that epic at all.
Despite its Star Wars overcoat, Angry Birds: Star Wars is pretty much still the same game that you've wasted hours playing on the train to work. It's essentially still a title about inexplicably aggressive birds, plotting to destroy herds of pigs in various evil ways – even if those birds now brandish lightsabers and the pigs are dressed up in Storm Trooper outfits.
The more swine and surrounding terrain that you obliterate using a single feathered projectile, the more points that you get, so it's worth playing each level a few times in order to work out the best way to achieve a three star victory. While some stages are seemingly simple, others will push you to look for useful items of destruction, such as handy TNT boxes or precariously placed heavy objects in order to cause chaos. Failing to wipe out all of the pigs in a level brings up an infuriating screen of a snorting Darth Vader who cackles at you, which never fails to inspire a quick retry.


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