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Modbo4.0 - Чип Програматор за Playstation 2 конзола


Modbo4.0 - 1.99 , най стабилната версия на Мод-Чип програматор за Playstation 2 конзола
• Съвместим с всички модели и версии на Playstation 2 (PS2) Slim , независимо от къде са закупени конзолите : Европа , Азия или Америка

На клипчето можете да видите ръководство за неговото свързване към конзолата:


  • Код: 00545
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена: 20.00лв.
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1. The Modbo v4.0 is the latest chip from the guys at Modbo.com. The Modbo v4.0 is compatible with v5 to v16 and it is also compatible with the newly released SCPH-7700x consoles. Its PCB layout is a perfect L shape which makes install a breeze. We believe this chip is a great solution for those looking for a compact and feature packed chip without the high price tag. We also want to explain to customers that there are two producers of the Modbo range of chips, first are the guys at Modbo.com who produced the Modbo 3.0 & Modbo 4.0. Second are the guys over at Modbo2.com who produced the Modbo v2.1 & Modbo 745. 
2. A major difference we found between Modbo 4 and Modbo 745 is the Modbo 4.0 does work from v5 to v16 as advertised, but the Modbo 745 has trouble working in consoles under v9. Another bonus with the Modbo 4.0 is its now running the Matrix Infinity firmware v1.93 and is also possible to upgrade the firmware at a later date without any problems. If that wasnt enough, they have now managed to get the firmwares config menu and all its options to work and save. You can now go into the config menu and setup the Modbo 4 the way you want it, this is extremely handy for a lot of reasons. The Modbo 4.0 also uses a clock point, some of our customers have found that chips using a clock point CX are generally more stable then the same type of chip not using a clock point. 
3. The Modbo 4.0 is a clone of the original Matrix Infinity range of PS2 mod chips. One of the major improvements Modbo 4 has over other Matrix clones is its better compatibility with DVD 9 and runs dual layer much better then older models. Modbo 4.0 comes on a differently laid out pcb to earlier model Modbo chips, allowing for a slightly neater install. There are a few clones of the Matrix Infinity floating around, Modbo , AppleEx , Matrix Infinity SE and some more. The good thing about these chips is you are getting most of the functions of the original Matrix Infinity at the fraction of the cost. The Modbo 4 also has auto media detection for direct booting and All Region DVD Support. The Modbo 4 also comes with a Diode fix for the PSTwo Slimline v12. 


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