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Клавиатура + Слушалки за Xbox 360 - Microsoft Xbox 360 Chatpad Black


Комуникирайте бързо и лесно с другите геймъри в Xbox LIVE
Клавиатурата е съвместима с Messenger, Facebook и Twitter и се свързва се към стандартният Microsoft Xbox 360 контролер

Комплекта включва:

- Клавиатура
- Слушалки
- Картонена опаковка

  • Код: 00996
  • Тегло: 0.300 кг
Цена: 35.00лв.
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Let your fingers do the talking with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Chatpad Headset. Easily chat while you're playing so you can make gaming more interactive. This headset will also allow you to text with friends, keeping you connected during busy PVP games. The Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset can help you to redeem codes on Xbox Live and search the web with Internet Explorer* as fast as your fingers can fly. It's a multi-functional device that snaps directly onto your controller, keeping it out of the way and close by at all times. Make your gaming time even more effective and enjoyable with the help of this Xbox 360 game headset.
Microsoft Xbox 360 Chatpad Headset:
Communicate quickly and easily with other gamers on Xbox Live
Update your profile, message friends or enter codes in seconds
Xbox 360 game headset snaps onto controller for easy use
Ideal for Internet Explorer for Xbox*


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